Science On 

Our Side!

Designed to help you juggle 

distractions and perform at your peak.

Scientifically formulated for optimal performance at home & office!

Designed to help you juggle distractions and perform at your peak. Overcome mental blocks and finally conquer procrastination! Proven ingredients have shown to improve verbal fluency. Get rid of memory blocks and brain fog get more done today!

Think of it as an energy drink, but for your brain!    

Packed with raw materials consumed by the brain, helping you stay sharp all day long.

The Dadderall formula has been created to help get through your day. It could be work, playing golf, studying for a test. Anything you need to focus on, Dadderall is designed to help.

Legally we can’t say this will make you have superpowers. You might think you are in the movie Limitless. You might feel like superman. But legally we can’t guarantee that... 

WE CAN SAY: Dadderall has been formulated with ingredients that have shown improvement in key brain functions, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, & focus. 




Get focused without the negative side effects of energy drinks.

"If you could take Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless, and turn him into a blue liquid, this would be that drink" - Me-- 

The world around us is moving faster than ever & we noticed more people becoming drained mentally & physically. 

 Living every day in brain fog, struggling to focus at work, school, & home while continuing to procrastinate. Sucking down more energy drinks for the quick hit of "life" only to crash later. 

Well, we created a solution: A pre-workout for people who don't work out. The alternative to products that leave you jittery with no boost to your mind. Meet your brains new best bud. 

DADDERALL - SCOOPS (30 Servings)


Brain boosting ingredients, scientifically formulated for optimal performance. So you won't crash!


Dadderall Enhanced Memory and Energy Nootropic Supplement – Brain Boosting Powder Drink for Improved Focus, Concentration, Reaction Time, and Mood – 30 Servings.


"I mix 1 scoop with a 16oz water bottle when I leave in the morning and by the time I get to work I am ready to go. Now when I get home I can focus on my player scouting & home improvement."

- Ken Baker - 2018 GFL Champion 

"The real deal. Some energy drinks make my stomach feel like its going to explode. Others taste like sh*t. This tastes good and doesn't make me feel itchy and restless."

- Kyle MTD - Beersy Founder



Where do your products come from?

Dadderall is formulated in a GMP facility in the U.S.A. 


Nootropics: have you heard of them? Most people have a lot of questions when they first hear about these seemingly magical brain-boosting supplements.What are Nootropics Used for? Nootropics are used to optimize human cognitive processes. Ultimately, they may help us improve productivity, creativity, sleep, anxiety and learning by boosting our focus, memory, motivation and more. 

Nootropics also known as “smart drugs” and cognitive enhancers are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

How much caffeine is in one serving of Dadderall? 

One serving has 200mg of caffeine which is close to one 12oz cup of coffee. 

Is it offered on Amazon?

Yes it is! You can get our product off our website or Amazon! 

What made you create Dadderall?

“Why did you create Dadderall” is the question I get asked the most. Funny enough, that was no where close to the OG name. I tossed it out in a conversation as a joke about needing more energy to do dad sh*t and called it Dadderall. It stuck. Everyone started asking where to get it and thats how the name happened. Why did I create it?  

Before you think I am crazy and tell me "the Energy Drink and Preworkout space is way overcrowded with products”... That is why I did it. I was drinking all those products. LOTS of them. And I always found myself looking for more.One day after a 4th cup of coffee and a energy drink that comes in a silver and blue can, I started looking up alternatives to just caffeine and sugar drinks. I couldn’t find anything good. Pre-workouts made me jittery and were filled with garbage.That’s when I realized the perfect product would be the pre-workout for people who might not be going to workout but want that kick. The people sitting at their desks from 9-5, slamming coffee and mixing powder hoping to get enough energy to finish the spreadsheets before tomorrow.I learned its more than just caffeine and by adding a few really good ingredients, a whole new “space” was created!   

What if it doesn't work for me and I don't like it?

We understand everyone is different, some people put pineapple on pizza, some people thing those pizza eaters should be locked up! With so many options it is impossible to make something for everyone, but what we can do it try! AND 

If this product doesn’t work for you… Send it back! That is how confident we are. We won’t make you jump through hops to get your money back. 


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DADDERALL - SCOOPS (30 Servings)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

If this product doesn’t work for you… Send it back! That is how confident we are. We won’t make you jump through hops to get your money back.