Who We Are?

Our company wanted to make a new product that was better than anything in the energy drink space. And while doing that we discovered there can be a lot more value added to these drinks. 

How We started?

“Why did you create Dadderall” is the question I get asked the most. Before I can answer it is usually followed up with some sort of comment about the “space being overcrowded with products”. Which is just why I did it. I was drinking all those products. LOTS of them. And I always found myself looking for me. 

One day after a 4th cup of coffee and a energy drink that comes in a silver and blue can, I started looking up alternatives to just caffeine and sugar drinks. I couldn’t find anything good. Pre-workouts made me jittery and were filled with garbage. 

 That’s when I realized the perfect product would be the pre-workout for people who don’t work out. The people sitting at their desks from 9-5, slamming coffee and mixing powder hoping to get enough energy to finish the spreadsheets before tomorrow. 

I learned its more than just caffeine and by adding a few really good ingredients, a whole new “space” was created!